Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nhv Pecha Kucha Tonight

Video of tonight's Pecha Kucha will be available by the weekend, here on #Nhv!

This is the Pecha Kucha from this evening.  A list of all of the links that will have been mentioned.  How often do you get to implement the future perfect tense?

AreaBridges.Com creator of background music for many of the videos.  This is Sean O'Brien's web page.  He has a unique way of approaching music and photography.  He's a resident of the Grove, his wife Amy Romano just released a book on midwifing which is highly anticipated, and you can listen to his music on the account that he created.  Here's an example.

In addition, the Foresters are a local band recently played the Daffodil Festival!  that is trying to record an EP!  You can help these kids reach their goal by checking out their MeritBooster Project!  It's a locally produced fundraising tool for kids.

Who else got mentioned?  Well, there's also Makehaven.  I've been capturing some key moments of progress over there.  I get the feeling that this is the beginning of a new era in local design and manufacturing, something that CT definitely needs.

Hans Schoenberg, of Giftflow, makes an appearance in a recent video.  He and Marcus Notz of MakeHaven both appear, just hours apart of eachother in realtime, within the same short video about an average night of action in #NHV.

More where that came from!

Again, the real goal of this site is to give New Haven a chance to see itself in a way that really accurately reflects the way that life is in this town.  In addition to focusing on video content, there is a high concentration of energy put into constructive tools, such as the Maps feature and the Calendar.  This is only the beginning though, because the entire site was built by a self-taught web designer, which is why it's not quite there yet.  It's still technically in "Beta" mode because I don't have the experience to bring it to where it needs to be just yet.

I'm gaining experience in the process of building it, which has been going on for a long, long time (archives).  And I expect that this process will continue to grow as the internet perpetually changes the way that we see the world.  This is our chance to create our own media!  And with the right tools and enough support, it can outdo the attention garnished to "mainstream" simply by its level of interestingness.

Nhv.Org is a platform that could be implimented from town to town.  The revenue basis for it is within the construction and completion of commercial videos at affordable rates.  The more that local businesses put into the project, the better it will be for them because it ensures more exposure.

Thanks for checking out the site, I hope you liked the Pecha Kucha and let's continue developing the site along a path that works great for everybody.!