Monday, April 9, 2012

Remembering the Cemetery

Artist Rob Greenberg decided to do something about Occupy New Haven.

He decided to send the message to the Occupants that they were parked on a burial ground and it's a "lack of respect for the Green."

With special permission from the Grove Street Cemetery, he rubbed about 30 stones. "The stones were originally on the Green and were removed in the 1820's by James Hillhouse and the public (townspeople)."

Come to the green and talk to the artist. He will be on the Green for most of the morning, and part of the afternoon.  Here are some scenes from the upcoming documentary about the making of his art project:

Artist Robert Greenberg

Dumbfounded Bystander (Musical Pedestrian)

These guys determined their grandfathers knew eachother.

This guy was drinking booze at 9am.  Old Campus in the background.
So, come on down to the New Haven Green today and discover more about the history of the Green!  It's a great place to learn about history, and now more than ever it's an even better place for art projects.