Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Walk Through: Occupy New Haven

I chose to speak with a few assembly members in the food tent while dropping off some fresh greens from a local board meeting for a nonprofit that I volunteer for.  Our conversation was about how the movement, at least for the New Havenite crowd, is something of a neo-agrarian movement, without being known.  It seems that most of the proactively involved wish to be a part of an organic farm that is self sustaining.  Beyond that, the rest wish just to have the essentials of life, which society cannot presently provide.  It was also discussed that the local police and authorities had no interest in intimidating or harassing them for their occupation of the old Connecticut Statehouse spot on the New Haven green.  They anticipated that the call to action in the spring would result in bigger clashes in major cities.  It was then also noted that the previous evictions took place at times that seemed internationally coordinated, particularly one set of evictions in November which occurred on the same day in several countries.  That said, their plan is to document with a series of videos how peaceful their movement actually is. According to cointelpro (in their case, anti-cointelpro) the media's strategy for the evictions (and possible Homeland Security involvement) will be to paint a picture of the occupation as a dangerous group. All efforts in media are now presently to reinforce the image of the protests as peaceful in nature, because they are.

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