Friday, April 2, 2010

We're Getting To The Bottom Of This.

View The Original Article Here.  We're getting to understand who is responsible for this graffiti that you see in this video.  On one hand, it's clean, crisp, and has a message that everyone can understand.  Not to mention, since NPR is publicly funded, who will advertise for NPR?  Is it possible that a group, maybe Wolf's Head or another Secret Society, has a new prospective member?

Here is what I think is what happened.  There was a group of wealthy business owners in town.  People that were chairs on many boards.  And they got together one Monday afternoon after a tough weekend of awful graffiti, to put their heads together.  They sat around at a table and discussed what they could do, to keep their buildings from getting tagged.  

Certainly catching the perpetrators proved difficult.  Nabbing them in the act was nearly impossible.  Hiring a bunch of ninjas was suggested, but it was a recommendation that nobody took seriously.  Then, one of them had what he thought was a really funny idea. 

"Why don't we just go out and paint our own stuff on the building?"
"Downtown management would never agree."
"Precisely.  Why not just do it anyway, like the graffiti artists do.  I mean, they're going to do it anyway!  And we're going to keep painting over their crap, again and again.  Or powerwash it.  Either way, why don't we just put something nice up there, and nobody would touch it."

The idea actually turned a few into lightbulbs, glowing overhead.  They couldn't contain their enthusiasm for the idea, although a few had some reservations.

"Are you suggesting we become graffiti artist ourselves?"
"No, not at all.  I don't think that's the way to accomplish anything."

"Imagine this, in a more massive scale."
"We would have to only paint corporations that people generally approve of, correct?"
"Yes, nobody would stand for a McDonalds ad on the side of their building."

"This reminds me of one of the old-time building advertisements from back when there were trolleys."

At least, that's what I think could have been behind this nonsense.  Here's the video: