Saturday, May 16, 2015

New Haven Magazine May '15

If you find yourself awash this May 16-17 weekend with the rain that is expected in the forecast, there's a fairly comprehensive guide to trails in and around New Haven for sunnier days starting on page 21. There's mention of Pecha Kucha on p.8 and ArtSitesNewHaven is mentioned on p. 4; a cool shout out to Matt F. of the Devils Gear Bike Shop on p. 29 (see many bike rides here on Nhv in the calendar), a write-up about Reynolds Fine Art gallery owner Robert Reynolds. There's even an article entitled "Gluten Free or Die" mentioning options at local eateries, and a Bruce Ditman column on the very last page about a pesonal history of cycling in New Haven. Ditman mentions working at La Chance Bicycle Shop on Chapel St. (next to Hull's Art, there's still a sign hanging which says "bicycles.") Offered online in this neat, embeddable "Issuu" format, you can drop it on your website or wherever. It's even more fun to read if you find a physical copy somewhere and if you dig in, you might even find mention of Nhv.Org in there somewhere.