Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ArtSites App to Locate and Learn About Public Art

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SITE PROJECTS presents its latest commission, ​ArtSites:NewHaven, a​ website presenting a digital exhibition of outdoor and public art in New Haven. Built on an interactive map of the city, ​ArtSites​ the product is of in-depth research, interviews with artists, and photo essays presented on a specially designed website and original user-interface. The website offers rigorously curated and well-documented content—both educational and entertaining. ​ Your city anew. Art is everywhere.

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An astounding variety of art can be discovered within the boundaries of New Haven’s historic nine-square grid and without entering a single building. Ranging from monumental sculptures by the most influential artists of the 20th century to contemporary street art, LED light installations to monuments of historic and artistic significance—the quality and breadth of New Haven’s collection is on par with the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. Site Projects’ ArtSites:NewHaven​ finds its nexus in this remarkable, and little known, feature of our city.

An interactive website, ​ArtSites:NewHaven ​illustrates, locates, and describes outdoor art throughout the city—from Long Wharf to West Rock, from UNH to the East Rock and the New Haven Green—providing a dynamic, informative experience of outdoor visual arts. Free to use and accessible by a URL link from any mobile device, tablet, or computer, ​ArtSites​ based on​n interactive map of New Haven and pinpoints​ locations of outdoor art all over the city. Photo essays on the artworks are accompanied by key information and commentary, providing historical and art-historical backgrounds, colorful anecdotes, and links to additional resources.

Created to inform and encourage tourists and residents alike to explore the city’s public spaces, ​
ArtSites​ includes works owned by local universities, those commissioned by the city, Site Projects’ commissions, monuments, and privately owned artworks in public spaces. The first iteration of ​
ArtSites ​launches with comprehensive entries on thirty pieces. Over time, the catalogue will grow to feature as many works as we can identify, creating a compelling and refreshed urban narrative.
Tourists, residents, students, and teachers will have an essential tool—in hand—with which to learn of the remarkable history, outstanding artists, and visionary leaders who have fundamentally shaped the public arena in New Haven. Public art is a vital and revitalizing part of New Haven’s urban landscape, yet often the stories, authors, and origins of these works gets lost or forgotten. By leveraging the strength of the New Haven’s numerous public art collections and bringing them together under one mantle, ​ ArtSites:NewHaven​ forges new and exciting connections between New Haven’s public art culture and the communities it serves. Access ​ArtSites​ visiting ​by www.artsitesnewhaven.com​ from any device! All content is freely available.

ArtSites:NewHaven​ made possible by the generous support of our corporate sponsors:
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