Sunday, September 21, 2014

Under91Project in Development

Mysterious unknown artists paint on highway underpasses last night. Photo By NHVMusic

The Interstate 91 Underpass at Humphrey Street has never been more inviting. We hope you like giant monarch butterflies. See the time lapse for a better take on that.

If you'd like to see the groups paint, grab yourself a lawn chair or two and a pizza from Da Legna on State Street, which is nearby and make yourself at home. Or maybe a coffee from the Coffee Pedaler, also nearby.

The Under91Project, which has been in development since February this year is finally getting painted. The artists began priming the wall with an industrial-strength sprayer. That took place on Saturday.

The rest of the work last night involved using a large projector, by displaying the art on the wall and using the imagery in the plan submitted for the public vote, which RCMurals won over the summer. You can also watch the Instagram Hyperlapse.

Happening All Day + This Week
Painting of the Under91Project at Humphrey and State St.

View Larger Map - Here is how the area formerly appeared, as seen on Google Street View.