Friday, September 19, 2014

Guerrilla Gourmet at its Finest!

Have you ever wanted a good brunch place in New Haven, to stand up to that of other great cities in this region? Recently a few local residents have made  this issue worth  tackling.

This is what you call
 Guerrilla Gourmet at its finest!

is a pop-up brunch restaurant in New Haven, CT. In an effort to bring fresh farm-to-table cuisine directly to the people, local chefs Nadine Nelson and Katherine McComic have set down two giant family-style tables in the middle of 9th Square to promote companionship in the heart of the city. The etymology of the word "companion" traces back to com-pain, or "with bread". In other words, companions are the persons with whom you break bread, your breadfellows, breadthren etc. In this spirit, Nadine and Katherine are making locally-sourced feasts to embrace the diversity of the people of downtown New Haven.

Make sure to join them on September 21, and 28. Two seating's per Sunday, 10AM & 12PM. 
$20 Buffet. BYOB, $5 corkage fee. Coffee/Juice not included. 

So who are these ladies?

Chef Nadine Nelson, the Green Queen of Cuisine, is the eco chef and social entrepreneur of Global Local Gourmet, a roving community-supported kitchen dedicated to interactive culinary education. Chef Nadine was born in Toronto, Canada of Jamaican Heritage. Since graduating from Hamden Hall, she has studied the culinary arts at the Ritz Escoffier in Paris, obtained a certificate in food styling from the New School, and earned a teaching degree from Tufts University in Boston. She is a social activist, cooking instructor, chef, writer, food consultant, event producer, and culinary artist. Chef Nadine's recipes and cooking techniques have been featured on Connecticut Style, The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Farmers Almanac, and Elm City Market among others. She frequently organizes events and culinary festivals around the word and has moved back to New Haven three years ago. She has worked with City Seed, Yale, the New Haven Food Policy Council, and is the middle of creating a career enrichment cooking program for New Haven Public Schools. She has had the pleasure of cooking for celebrities, dignitaries, and is looking forward to cooking for the New Haven community. She hatched up the idea for Downtown Table when she saw there were few brunch places to eat downtown. New Haven as a serious food town needed a solution. Learn more about her here: #downtown

Katherine McComic moved to New Haven four years ago from San Diego, CA and has since fallen in love with the Elm City. She is a recent graduate of Yale College (SY '14), a yoga teacher at New Haven Fitness, a tutor at New Haven Reads and LEAP for Kids, a sales rep at English Building Markets, and a lover of all things related to cooking and entertaining. Organizing Downtown Table is Katherine's way of paying one last respect to New Haven before she moves to Madrid, Spain for the next year. #newhaven #downtown#Yale
 — with Katherine McComic.

We look forward to more innovative entrepreneurs to keep popping up in the City of Makers and Doers: New Haven