Sunday, August 17, 2014

FruitWhirled In Effect

The newest thing in #NHV as of late has been this amazing contraption we've seen downtown and at various farmers' markets. It's called FruitWhirled and it's operated by Ahna Johnson. From her website:

"Ahna started formulating the idea for Fruit Whirled years earlier on a trip in South America where fresh fruit smoothies are widely available from street vendors. A commitment to reduce carbon pollution led to the idea of using a bike blender to spin the smoothies and the search for how to make this idea a reality was on. After years of dreaming up the idea of Fruit Whirled, the business finally got its back wheel off the ground in the summer of 2013."

[source: FruitWhirled.Com "About" section]

You can follow her operation on Twitter and Instagram. The Twitter Feed is particularly helpful because it tells you where and when to expect the FruitWhirled bicycle smoothie operation. She also has a calendar that can help you determine not just where to find FruitWhirled, but also what other cool and interesting events attract vendors like hers.

FruitWhirled Calendar

FruitWhirled Instagram

FruitWhirled Twitter