Saturday, August 16, 2014

Morning Walks With My Pup

Morning Walks from New Haven, Connecticut on Vimeo.

Christina Lindstrom is chapter leader for Amercorps Alums CT. She has lived in New Haven for 5 Years and says she loves it here, citing the music and art and community as all reasons.

We met up with Tina on one of her walks in the morning. On this particular walk, it was exceptionally foggy. The air was thick with moisture, as she walked her dog through East Rock Park across Rice Field. Her shoes were soaked.

In the mornings, before her day job, Christina takes her dog for a walk. On Instagram she tags these with #MorningWalksWithMyPup. She calls it her daily meditation. On these walks, she usually finds sticks to throw down the field for Willowbee, her 1-year old collie mutt, to fetch.

Christina is just one example of an amazing person who lives in New Haven. If you are interested in being featured in a Citizen Profile, just contact nhvorg@gmail to get in touch.

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