Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Delaney's Fire

By now, it's clear to everyone trying to use Whalley Avenue that there was a major fire last night. No significant injuries other than a firefighter admitted to the hospital for smoke inhalation, and another for chest pains. The new haven independent wrote some kind of article about a cat being rescued. Social media was in effect, with @NewHavenFire consistently posting images and video of the blaze, along with others who were there incidentally to record the event. Many comments were made on Facebook about the loss of the location. Seth Adam, local musician, said this: "Sean Healey said it best... When you spend a lot of time at a place, with co-workers, friends, and friends you haven't met yet, and that same place disappears, it's a huge loss." My local pub is gone. Burned down. To some it's no big deal, but to me, it is a big deal. Delaney's Restaurant & Tap Room was a place filled with memories. From hanging out there in college, to hanging out with friends, to having my college graduation dinner with my folks there, to meeting so many great people over the years... And then there are the folks that lived upstairs that lost their home. It's a tremendous loss for our neighborhood. Thankfully, nobody was hurt (to the best of my knowledge), and the NHFD and NHPD were on top of their game. Sorry if I'm waxing nostalgic. Thanks for the memories!" 3:13pm New Haven Fire reports alarm:

7:29 New Haven Fire:
7:38 Partial Collapse:
7:41 Partial Collapse via New Haven Fire:
8:32 New Haven Fire:
8:51 Mayor Harp Arrives:
9:37 New Haven Fire:
11:00pm @eatswords on Instagram: 1:00am @kimbarleywine on Instagram: 1:30am via NewHavenMike24 on Instagram: @brighamupson on instagram: @momogainz on Instagram: Said ShakiPresents: "my house filled up with smoke at about 2am... and there was thick smoke in the streets, like a dense fog" @ElmRecordings: @NewHavenMike24: Local brewer laments loss of location;
Here's what it used to look like: And this was their old Instagram feed, @delaneystaproom: