Monday, August 25, 2014

Indefinite Sentence: In Job Search, Ex-Offenders Continue to Pay

Bob McDaniel sits across from me in a chair in one of the offices at STRIVE New Haven, a career resource organization, calmly laying out the darker details of his past, and how they have made his present and future so difficult. It’s a short break from the job search that has brought him to STRIVE’s computers every day since the beginning of July, but he might chalk it up to practice. That’s because employers will inevitably be asking him to explain the third degree burglary plastered onto his record-that is, if he is lucky. Yesterday he wasn’t.

READ FULL ARTICLE - A great piece about catch-22's and recidivism in the justice system. 

In this economy, finding employment can be an uphill battle for just about anyone. Add a criminal record, and you'll be pushing a boulder the whole way. The New Haven Beat got an interview with one ex-inmate, who takes us inside the struggles of his job search. Read more about it here.