Thursday, May 1, 2014

Vintanthromodern Seeks to Share Space

Trolley Square is one of New Haven's upcoming commercial spaces. One of its more successful occupants, a vintage thrift store known as Vintanthromodern, operated by Melissa Gonzales, is ready to share some of her space.

"We are still looking for 1-2 people to share our space at Trolley Square in New Haven. Looking for inexpensive creative studio space, or retail exposure for your handmade, vintage or design business? Space will be available May 1st. Please inbox us for details!"

If you have any interest in sharing space with a vintage thrift shop, pay the place a visit! If you know Melissa already, you can always email her expressing interest in this great opportunity.

In particular, if you live in New Haven and have an interest in making your own clothes and selling them, this is your chance to mix styles with other handmade industries and quirky Connecticut ingenuity.