Monday, April 14, 2014

Great Walks in NHV (Add Yours Too)

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Now that springtime is starting to make itself more apparent, with weather consistently above freezing and highs in the mid-sixties, it's time to start talking about where to go for a stroll in New Haven. These places are within walking distance of downtown, but also make for an easy bike ride. You can also take the bus to these locations, and many of the selected areas have trails but are not strenuous or would be considered "hikes." These are just walks. In no particular order. 

Great Local Walks (Shortlist)

Duck Pond
Edgewood Park is at the end of Elm Street. It has a duck pond, a skatepark, and some trails. It's quiet but it's still within the city. It's a great place to hear birds and see ducks. 

The Constitutional
A constitutional is a thoughtful walk. This particular walk involves taking Hillhouse Avenue past the Lichtenstein sculpture and then down into parts of Yale. 

Long Wharf
The New Haven Land Trust has made a waterfront trail for the public to enjoy. It's a nature preserve, meant to resemble the original habitat of that geographic area. It's also the home of the Amistad replica. 

Regicides Trail
Legendary path taken by old-school separatists who are now responsible for one challenging intersection: Whalley, Dixwell and Goffe. Trails lead to the vantage point of West Rock.

East Rock Big Steps
The "Big Steps" are a series of steep steps built in like a staircase to the side of East Rock. There is a handrail and it's well-worn from travelers as long ago as from Native America.

Nathan Hale
Fort Nathan Hale, at the point across the water, makes for a nice walk as well.

Add Your Walk
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