Monday, November 25, 2013

Today's Lockdown on Social Media

Today's events unfolded rapidly, with the announcement at about 11am of a "gunman" around campus.  Students were told to stay in their rooms, and then rooms were searched. On campus there were reports that those in dorms were told to slide their ID cards under their doors when prompted.  However, depending apparently on which group of law enforcement were responsible for searching through their areas, the procedure varied:

Suspicious, regarding the nature of the call, was the fact that many Yale students were not present due to Thanksgiving break.  The caller said that his roommate was planning on engaging in an attack on campus.  It was theorized by authorities that the gunman seen on campus was probably a first responder.  Still, an impressive show of force on campus for what was, as it now turns out, just a phone call.  While there's no sense in thinking that it wasn't worth it to proceed with the amount of tenacity that ensued from the original alert, it's still surprising to know that there is that much manpower available in the region to respond to this kind of public safety emergency.

Roughly this was where the phone call came from:  a payphone in this vicinity.