Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hey! It's the 21st Century.

@NhvOrg Instagram Feed is full of some amazing new features.  This is quite exactly what we have in store for you:
  • Squirrel Contests (Reginald in 2011, Clayton in 2012 winners)
  • #Insidemyfridge Contests (winners may receive gift cards)
  • Historically relevant documentation of life as it occurs (now with scholarly commentary)
  • All in hi-res Instagram quality. 

Keeping tabs on construction, receiving comments like "HEY ITS MY HOUSE #creepin"
Occasionally giving props to local businesses with impromptu "adverts" such as these.

Taking decent shots of local people, with some degree of quality in the composition.

So tell your momma and your sister and your best friend.  Nhv.Org is here to stay!
Maybe even consider following the ongoing Instagram feed.  It might brighten your day a little bit.