Friday, November 29, 2013

Good Old West Rock

Octagon Building, with graffiti
East Rock receives so much press and attention, but what about old West Rock? One main trail begins by a baseball field, around Blake Street.

When you get to the top, you'll see a cave which was used by the Three Judges to hide, and you might ask, why would three judges go hide in a cave?  In England in 1660, three British men signed a paper advocating the execution of the English king.  Charles I was eventually executed, and afterwards the English Monarchy was abolished, replaced by a Republic called the Commonwealth of England.  But in 1660, the Monarchy was restored, Charles' son became the new king, and that's when the Three Judges (Edward Whalley, John Dixwell, and William Goffe) decided to head for the hills.  All three men were originally from England and fled to Connecticut in a bid to protect themselves from retaliation for the Regicide of King Charles I.

The Merritt Parkway goes directly through West Rock, which is part of the Metacomet Ridge.  In the middle of the ridge above the tunnel, there is an octagonal shaped building, which has been told to serve the purpose of the main ventilation.  Here's roughly the location of that building.

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