Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back to our Regular Programming

Being able to post to Nhv.Org is open access.  Anyone has the ability to post to the website by tagging a Tweet or an Instagram photo with the label #nhv.  If you really want to get in depth, you can also sign up to write for the blog, where access can be shared via your Gmail.

In addition, you can also post to the site through calendar access.  Just click the "Add Content" button on the desktop version for more information on how you can access the #Nhv audience, which at the moment is at just about 700 followers on Twitter, with an average traffic on this site of about 1000 views per week (which peaked at 2500 one week this summer).

We're also integrating more user comments with Google Forms, helping citizens communicate with government in a major way.

We are also creating high-definition video with organizations around the city such as See Click Fix, NHFPL, The Grove, ULA, Lyric Hall, and many more in the future.

Stay tuned because there's more to come!  Here on #Nhv.
New Haven:   A city on the move.  Photo from this summer.