Monday, November 4, 2013

Coliseum Redevelopment Moves Forward

October 30 at City Hall.  Local businesses Meat and Co, Tikkaway Grill, and Acme Vintage Furniture spoke in favor of reclassifying the former Coliseum site from BD to BD3, a mixed-use zone.  Mixed use means commerical storefronts with residential apartments above.  That's the kind of neighborhood the developer, LWLP, tends to design.  Former projects include the Toronto Entertainment District, as well as the gateway to the Montreal Underground, Place Montreal Trust.  These developments typically mean an influx of population in the tens of thousands.  For example, the Vaughan Metropolitan Center that they're designing will host 12,000 units of housing and employ 11,000 people.

View from North.  
It's no wonder that 9th Square business owners are excited about the LWLP developer's Coliseum Redevelopment project.  Revising the zoning ordinance clears a hurdle as the City of New Haven continues to move forward on that project.  But don't hold your breath for too long: these types of developments take years to complete.

For a whole variety of numbers, check the NHI article here.