Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Two Way Conversation About Downtown / Chapel West

The Double Yellow Line: Part 1 from #NHV on Vimeo.  Music by SpacePirate.

"My point is, if you drive in, you're not driving the whole entire time.  At some point, you're getting out and becoming a pedestrian." -Jim, NHDOT

All the above are downtown one way streets.
Citizens across the city are being asked to participate in a conversation about whether to make one way streets into two-way streets across the city.  Civil engineering service Fuss and O'Neill will be at hand and accessible until Thursday to provide support to residents interested in discussing the conversion.
The issue most pertinent to the discussion is the topic of Downtown Mobility.  Jim Travers, director of Traffic and Parking, talked about it when asked what provided the idea for initiating the conversation.

"When we look at mobility, we have some really good north-south connections that we can put together.  Howe is a great one.  York is another one.  Park is another one.  Those are three right in a row that we can turn, all those roads, into two way roads and really start to make a change in what happens in Chapel West." (0:43)
Schedule This Week

People in one particular design group at the event included local business owner Steve from Hulls, along with a Yale professor (a walkabout named Ben, to name one), and one cartoonist.  Even a civil engineer in from Q Bridge Program office attended in her spare time, because the topic was of interest.

Future events will be taking place all week.  You can attend any of these upcoming events.   The public is invited to stop by the Design Studio this week, which has been set up in the lower level of the main branch of the New Haven Public Library.  The next presentation event is on Thursday.
See Calendar for details.

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Check out Great Talks on Complete Streets from Fuss and O'Neill, along with some officials at the State Department of Transportation.