Friday, November 1, 2013

Vote For An Idea.

The Goatville Cyclesmith is applying for a grant with Chase Mission Main Street.  You can help the Cyclesmith Industries grow and better serve the cycling community simply by voting for this idea.

The grant would make it possible to manufacture bicycles here in New Haven, which would then be made available for lease or purchase.  Vote Cyclesmith!  Only 250 votes are needed, and it literally only takes a moment or two.  The signup process is really easy.  The community would benefit from this program by means of the education available, as well as with the bicycles being made available to the public.  It would help begin the process of returning manufacturing efforts back to America, if even in a local way.   Help bring bicycles and cycling to New Haven in a major way by simply voting for this idea.

Vote for this idea on the Chase Mission Main Street page.