Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Youth Day" Seeks Fundraising Efforts

"The Youth Day Project is a youth-led organization solely designed to celebrate the talents of young people in New Haven. Currently as an organization, YDP offers programs in technology education, business, art, music, fashion, dance, poetry, song, and more. Their entire Board of Directors is built up of youth between ages 16 through 20 after being founded by 16 year olds since late 2009."

For several years, they've been hosting events at various locations in New Haven, such as the Public Library.  These events are for young people to perform and showcase their talents to an audience of their peers.  The act of performance instills confidence in the participants, of which most of the audience is also composed.  Families often attend youth day, as well.  This year, they're trying to raise $4000 to host the event.

"What we want to add to Youth Day Connecticut:

"In the past we have had other organizations host particular activities such as arts and crafts workshops for the kids ages 5-12, provided a space for local you artists to perform, and keynote speakers to inspire youth to achieve their full potential. This year we want to provide organizations with the resources to create a youth exhibition of dance in all forms from latin dance, to break dance, ballroom dance, and more."

Official Youth Day Website
Youth Day Kickstarter