Sunday, September 29, 2013

Inside My Fridge - A Contest

We're having a contest this month, and it's called "#insidemyfridgeNHV" where basically participants take pictures of what's inside their refrigerators, on Instagram, and these results will return here so that we can gradually see a collage of what's inside each other's refrigerators. It's our personal space, perhaps, but it's not that personal.  The Overall goal of this contest is to get that gift card!  But in order to do it, you must take a picture of what's inside your fridge.

We're not going to tell you what we're looking for, because it's essentially an artistic judgement of the results.  There is no guaranteed winner for either anyone who takes a picture of the least amount of food they have available to them, or whoever has the most beer, or who has the most amount of produce from local CSA Rojo Farm (because we'd already win).

Yes, you can win this contest.  We will mail it to you through the postal service, just as was with our last contest, the InstaRainbow Contest.  As the contest is entered by various people, tag your inside fridge photo with #insidemyfridgeNHV to appear on the website the day of the contest.

The contest is invalid if fewer than 15 people enter, so tell a few of your friends to take pictures of their refrigerated spaces.  If they win, hopefully they will share their gift card to Miya's.

The results of the contest will be posted on Friday morning at 9am.  Your photo will appear along with others like it, if you include the correct hashtag in your posting.  That's "inside my fridge nhv."  No spaces, with a pound sign at the beginning.

Here is what a sample of the inside of people's refrigerators look like, on Instagram: