Monday, September 30, 2013

Awesome! Trading cards still available.

Available exclusively thru the John Slade Ely House, an art gallery on Trumbull Street, you can obtain your own deck of cards, each featuring a different New Haven artist.  Some of the more well-known names in the deck are Mike Angelis (Ace of Hearts), Joe Saccio (4 of Spades), Aicha Woods (King of Spades), Michael Galvin of Artspace (6 of Clubs), and much, much more.
If you caught the original post announcing the opening of the show, then you probably made good on the free wine and cheese.  Meanwhile, if you want a deck of these (they go for $20), and you'd like to see the show itself for free at the Gallery, then by all means.

ElyHouse.Org [call] hours of operation
Wednesday - Friday, 11am - 4pm
Saturday & Sunday, 2pm - 5pm

You can also obtain this deck of cards from ArtSpace on Orange St.

For more info contact: Barbara Hawes, 203.645.1039,

In addition...

Do you remember Leslie_Kuo?  She was the Yale art student who came up with the Townie character trading cards.  Featuring such people as Joe Comfort and the Shakespeare Lady, Margaret Holloway.  She has been living in Berlin and would like to obtain a deck of her own cards to give to Margaret.  If you have extra cards of that collection, and would like to consider giving one to the Shakespeare Lady, we'll document you 2500 karma points, an enormous amount in today's economy.