Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sunday Brunches - Options

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Option 1.  Let's say that you have a vinyl record. Perhaps a Miles Davis or a Dizzy Gillespie.  That means you're quite fortunate!  But you can share that good fortune with the world around you by bringing it to P&M Market on Orange Street, where you can have, for example, a Lox and Bagel (or something to that effect) and listen to aforementioned record, while you dine at breakfast.  The truth is, East Rock has it pretty good, and most of that is due to that there's a certain amount of cooperation in the neighborhood.  Between citizens who want to facilitate the experience technically (Doug from Sattelite Sounds will be handling the vinyl), to businesses, like P&M, who wish to host these sorts of things.  It's definitely worth considering waking up to hear; the sound of your favorite Jazz song, or music from vinyl being played out loud; don't miss it.  Starts at 10am.

Game begins around 11am at Christy's Pub

Option 2.  Liverpool Soccer
In addition, if you are a soccer fan, another fine brunch to attend this Sunday morning is the Liverpool Football Club playing at Christy's Pub, also on Orange Street.  This event will be attended by some team fans from Charleston, South Carolina, and the game begins around 11am.  Christy's Pub will also serve breakfast and appetizers.
If your child plays soccer, sign them up at NhySoccer.Org for this season!  If not, there is more information about soccer around the area, posted by their team coaches, who add content to their own website.