Sunday, June 23, 2013

Handful of Art at Slade Ely House Reception Today

52 Artists.  52 Images. 
The very best New Haven artists working in painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, printmaking and photography have made for one remarkable deck of playing cards.  Please join us in celebrating the cumlination of a Partnership for CT Cities project over a year in the making. 

51 Trumbull St.
New Haven, CT
Sunday June 23, 2013 2-5pm.

This show's opening has passed, but you can still check out some of the awesome work on display in the slideshow below, simply by visiting the gallery during their normal business hours.

There are decks of cards also available, one with each of a collectable amazing local New Haven artist.  You could purchase these at the show for the amazing price of $20, and provided that these are still available, you can also obtain them in the future, at the same gallery, after browsing and enjoying some of the marvelous works on the wall.

For more info contact: Barbara Hawes, 203.645.1039,

Participating Artists:
Michael Angelis   John Arabolos   Amy Arledge   Cat Balco   Ethan Boisvert
Riley Brewster   Frank Bruckmann   Susan Clinard   Megan Craig
Jan Cunningham   Leila Daw   Steven DiGiovanni   Karen Dow   Eileen Eder
Silas Finch   Dean Fisher   Amanda Fornal   Josh Gaetjen   Michael Galvin
Elizabeth Gourlay   Rachel Hellerich   Cham Hendon   Lisa Hess
Danny Huff   Clint Jukkala   John Keefer   Zachary Keeting   Janet Lage
Martha Lewis   Nathan Lewis   Linda Lindroth   Will Lustenader
Barbara Marks    Christopher Mir   Adam Niklewicz   Jason Noushin
John O’Donnell   Perry Obee   David Ottenstein   Hank Paper
J.D. Richey   Lyn Bell Rose   Joseph Saccio   Charles Santarpia
Martha Savage   K Levni Sinanoglu   Joseph Smolinski   Kevin Van Aelst
Thuan Vu   Jonathan Waters   Marjorie Wolfe   Aicha Woods

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