Monday, August 19, 2013

Music Scene Sunday Special #1

Stepkids Perform at RealArtways Hartford from #NHV Music Scene on Vimeo.

As promised in a previous article, we bring you another MusicScene short.  This time, we take you to Hartford to watch the Stepkids perform at RealArtWays.  There's even a glimpse of the #nailsacrossamerica mobile manicure salon, which was an interesting feature, according to another local pioneer of mobile commerce.

The Stepkids are a nationally recognized music group on the label Stone's Throw.  Some of its members are from the greater New Haven area.  Their projectionist David Pond currently lives in New Haven and is even mentioned on their Wikipedia page.

Most interesting in this video is the recollection of Dan, the bassist, of their performance at this year's 2013 Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee which boasts an attendance of 80,000 people every year [wiki].  As he recalls:

"Because of the rain, everyone ended up packing in under the tent.  And we were also the first music of Bonnaroo, so literally every note had more meaning.  When I fierst jumped up and played one note on the bass just to check it, people were cheering.  Then I went up to the mic and timidly, I was like, "one two."  Then the sound guy [sic] grabbed the mic, and he was like "ONE TWO!"  And everybody went crazy.  So just before we even played it felt like the spirit of rock and roll was in the building."  (@1:07)

Featured in this video:
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