Monday, August 26, 2013

End of Summer Opportunity: Elm Shakespeare in Edgerton

Surely they couldn't possibly make a better video.  Imagine that this week, you could go see these guys (above) play that guy (left) in the park.  I say, go see it.

Which park?  Edgerton Park.  And if you didn't think we were going to throw a custom Google Map at you...

Just look down below.  In fact, there's so much customized and arbitrarily utilized Google products on this website, that you might even see it on the Calendar, in fact automatically tweeted when we post it to the calendar.

If you were the Elm City Shakespeare Company person, you'd be amazed because this one #Nhv post covers nearly all the information on their webpage.  What you're not going to find are links to their twitter.  Just kidding. Actually, their web page is well-designed.

I suggest you take my advice, and go to see Julius Caesar in the park.  Maybe I'll be there, if I weren't an imaginary character.  All the imaginary characters will be on stage.

All week long at 8pm (August 27 - September 1).  See NhvCal for details.
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