Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Public Works: Dialing It In

Traffic and Parking worker replaces traffic light 
If you're a fan of amazing weather, then today's the day for you.  Lots of things happening this week; from the Shakespeare in the Park plays going on until Sept.1 to an opportunity to help plan a new neighborhood with some architects.

You'll also find that tomorrow at 3pm, the Dream Project will be happening on the Green. Declare your dreams there; I'm sure that to say it will be interesting is an understatement.

Get to know this place, because, if even for the time being, you call it home.  ET Phone home!

Elsewhere in town, there have been some minor other traffic lane closures.  This one is on Park and Chapel Streets.  It appears that there is a Ninja Turtle excavation project under way at that location.  There were also some lane closures on Howe Street; all in the name of civic improvement.  It takes much effort to keep a city running.  Stay tuned and we'll try to keep you informed on the latest developments, opportunities, and news in town; all in the same high definition quality of video and imagery, with all links functional and most of the spelling and grammar correct.