Friday, July 5, 2013

Ninth Square this Evening

View Streating in a larger map

The event may be sold out (last reports were that 9 tickets are still available) but another Streating (Street+Eating)_ event from OurEmptySpace is taking place this afternoon/evening on Orange Street, so try to avert that area if you're driving by following this handy detour map.  

If you're into vintage furniture, also check out Acme Furniture (be sure to 'like' their Facebook page) because they're also having a street sale (see blue pushpin).

And if you would like to explore the possibility of brewing your own beer, consider talking to Scott over at Luck and Levity (around the corner from the Streating event on the map, see purple pushpin).

Going to be an interesting night!  Hopefully it will also cool off a little as the sun sets.  The weather reports for temperatures will drop to 82F by 8pm this evening.