Monday, June 10, 2013

The Hill (Trailer) from Lisa Molomot

THE HILL trailer from Lisa Molomot on Vimeo.

Filmaker Lisa Molomot
About the Filmmaker
"I was first introduced to great cinema when my babysitter let me watch Rosemary’s Baby at much too young an age. But it wasn’t until I discovered film studies in college that my love of studying cinema truly began. I graduated from Hamilton College in 1993 and then studied experimental filmmaking and photography at the San Francisco Art Institute before moving to Los Angeles to work as a film editor. I graduated from the American Film Institute in 1998 with an M.F.A. in Film Editing; since graduating I have worked mainly in documentary film as both a director and editor.
I have greatly enjoyed learning about such varied subjects as professional poker players, Mexican Crypto-Jews, female Mariachis, women in the Southern Baptist Ministry, local politicians, burned out physicians, African American church choir singers, theater people, and an eccentric movie theater projectionist.  Since 2003, I have also taught film production and documentary film history at Yale University and Wesleyan University."
Source:  Vimeo

THE HiLL is now available to colleges & universities, schools, and libraries through The Cinema Guild. For homevideo use, please contact  You can also follow THE HILL on facebook.