Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Old School Style with A.D. Perkins.

A.D. Perkins has held down its purpose and its storefront for well over a century.   Established in 1876, it provided many of the same services it does today.  Stamps, lettering, signs, banners.  That sort of thing.

Many businesses and people question the purpose of the stamp in the digital age, but these questions don't affect them very much because they're still there, and seemingly very busy.  One of the most remarkable advances in technology has been the laser cutter, which can cut a stamp from any single-colored graphic you send them.

"I've even gotten them to make QR Scan code stamps that actually can be scanned by a phone which go to URL pages," says one local entrepreneur.

Example of an A.D. Perkins Stamp
 That said, getting busy with the old school is not just a pre-occupation, but a way of life for some people.   Words themselves at times mean very little, but hypertexted words go to links which could provide more meaning than just a word.

You can get stamps from A.D. Perkins, as well as check out many of their other products available, by visiting their website, but it you're ever walking by, it makes for an interesting experience to stop in, take a look around, and maybe even have a short conversation with their approachable staff.

A.D. Perkins Co. 
43 Elm St, New Haven, CT 06510
(203) 777-3456