Thursday, June 6, 2013

How About a Light Rail Station?

Hey!  Wait a second!

Considering the areas where New Haven experiences the most amount of traffic congestion, and assuming that the city will increase in its population as time continues, it becomes necessary to address these challenges with an opportune solution:  Light Rail.

This is a proposed "Light Rail" map for the Coliseum Footprint, submitted by Nhv.Org

Light rail takes its power from a central source.  In this case, we're suggesting using the same power from the Metro North line, with an option to switch to a wind farm, hopefully to be located in the swampy marsh section of Long Wharf, abutting the "Flag Man" and other vehicle areas.

According to this plan, cars typically allowed to park on these streets will no longer be able to park on those streets, but rather use the mega-massive parking lot with Light Rail Atrium located where the Coliseum once was.  And this would please Kevin Roche tremendously, to see that there is still some interest in seeing parking lots on top of things.
In this case, the idea would be for the ground floor, labeled "Fl. R" to contain platforms going to each line.  Medical, Downtown, Science Park, and East Rock.  This atrium will be decorated to resemble parts of the University, as well as an architectural nod to the bridges along the Meritt Parkway.

Each line would go back and forth with the capacity to relocate all traffic from the main parking area to the selected areas.  East Rock would benefit from having less automotive traffic, as residents will choose to park at the main lot.
Downtown will benefit by making the area more accessible from NYC via Metro North, and add a new appeal by the futuristic element of having available
The growing Science Park area will get instant mass transit access from the Metro North line.
The Medical line will de-complicate the traffic around the 34 connector during rush hour, which already looks like a parking lot most afternoons.

Did we mention...