Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Grove Expands

The Grove, a shared workspace originally located at 71 Orange Street, has expanded to an additional space at 760 Chapel Street.  The new location is around the corner from the original Grove, and consists of a second and third floor. 
To understand what The Grove actually is, I suppose you could Wikipedia search for the definition of Collaborative Workspace

Much work went into the development of the new space.  This article features 2 slideshows and follows the progress of renovation from midway to completion.

This slideshow (6 images) includes some of the soundproofing walls that were made.
It also contains pictures of the detail around the elevator. 

Help was given by Grove members who built sound dampers designed by Eric Tate, a sound engineer at Firehouse 12.  These made a drastic difference to the acoustics of the space.  In this picture, you see two fellows pinning a soft grey fabric around what appears to be some kind of pillowy material of about 2' by 3' by 3" thick.

These "clouds" were then hung from suspension lines across the ceiling.  See them in action in the upper left hand corner of the next picture.

Herman Miller chairs in blue are comfortable.
Moveable walls were also constructed to create rooms inside of rooms when necessary.  These were also produced to be somewhat soundproof.

Aside from the space containing what many have concluded is probably the oldest working elevator in Connecticut, the space is centrally located in Downtown New Haven, makes for an excellent meeting spot for business work, and you can become a member simply by contacting The Grove, perhaps by their email address and requesting a tour.