Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pictures From Today.

Want to see some photographs from today?  Here's a whole bunch (but not too many).

The theme for this set, aside from naturally it being a beautiful spring day in mid-May, happens to be "peculiar vehicles."

There are several peculiar vehicles in this set.  You can comment below with your responses by taking guesses at what the machinery does.

Good luck and have fun.

This is Vehicle #1
Hillhouse Avenue
These are my vehicles.  Call this Vehicles #2 and #3.  
Vehicle #4.  Takes up quite a parking space!
This is the front entrance to a science laboratory. 
Vehicle 5.  This truck sells cheese sandwiches.  Corner of Grove and Hillhouse Ave.
These chairs are prepared for Yale Graduation.  
Bonus Question:  Who is this guy?  (Bonus #1). 
An uncivilized man sits with a broken arm on the
front steps of Skull N' Bonez
Civilized people eat and drink food outside of the museum in the bright noon sun.
Group W Bench at the corner of Park and Chapel Street.