Friday, April 12, 2013

Justice For Jewu Today (Updated 12/14)

Photo Credit:  Puma Simone

Friday, April 12th 9am @ 235 Church St.

From The Justice For Jewu Facebook Page:

This is a pivotal point in Jewu Richardson's trial as new developments are occurring.  After two days of deliberation the jury has yet to come to a unanimous decision on the verdict.  It is important now more than ever to show your support and be present with Jewu at his trial.  We need a strong public turnout in the courtroom to ensure transparency in the court proceedings.   We are calling for all supporters to come out and stand strong in a united front in the name of justice for Jewu and all the countless brothers and sister fighting for justice!

Update:  The case carries on.  Please stay tuned and read more about Jewu Richardson and the case against him.  If you knew more about it, you'd be surprised to discover that this isn't something that the New Haven Register or Channel 8 has been covering very closely.  Why is that?