Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pecha Kucha On Wednesday

For More Info, Try Here!  It's the official site. 
WIth much mystery surrounding the participants in this upcoming event, we ask that you mark on your calendars that one week from this day (Wednesday), New Haven will be hosting its quarterly educational and entertaining event known as Pecha Kucha, where presenters are given six minutes and forty seconds to explain 20 slides, each with 20 seconds being given a piece.

Presenters will include the following:
Nathan Coste on Biking Cross-Country… All the way Across the Country,
Kristyn Zalota on Saving Lives at Birth,
Sherill Baldwin on Getting to Zero Waste —with Go Box,
Samantha Garwin on what Whole-Animal Butchery means for the 1% of our food it applies to,
Sylvia Lavietes on exactly how Good Things can Come From Toasters,
Ian Applegate talking stopmotion video via the new SupaMural project,
Sarah Miner on Real Life for Actors,
Art Priromprintr on How Wacky Pop-Up Villages have Changed [His] Life,
Timothy Liddell on Digital Archaeology in Pompeii, and
Marie Pulito on the proposed Green Haven Cohousing Project.

For more information, visit PKN-NewHaven.Org