Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Better Advocate.

This is what the Townie Blog will look like tomorrow.
Embedded further into this system is the TownOfNewHaven.Org "Townie Blog," which features local musicians and bands, to help progress the impact of local music, arts, and culture on society by presenting it in an organized, helpful manner.

The calendar on that site is linked to the Nhv.Org main calendar feed, and some of the organizers from the local music scene have been voluntarily contributing information to help out local artists, particularly Julius Stone.

Philosophically, it's difficult for local artists to present themselves the same way that groups and artists with national endorsements are able to achieve, because the support just isn't there.  Sites like CT.Com simply funnel revenue to the Chicago Tribune.  The cost for advertising with that paper is justified by their "circulation" although we know what happens to all of the copies of the New Haven Advocate.  I suppose at this point they might as well get rid of their distribution boxes downtown because they're empty most of the time.

While the internet presents a new set of obstacles for pre-existing media outlets from the 20th century, such as print as well as television, it offers a new set of opportunities for entities which started as websites.  New media isn't limited by the same structure of older arrangements.  Overhead is almost non-existent.  By nature of the arrangement, the community can stand on level ground with established entities such as the New Haven Advocate, The New Haven Register, and even ABC Affiliate WTNH.

Here is something new you could do with the existing boxes:
Turn them into solar powered video kiosks.

Will it be the kids who care enough to share about a show or a local band's latest video?
Or will it be an eye in the sky, spying for a slice of the pie?  Only time will tell; and, man, does it fly.

Full of useful information and virtually no commercial content (although it functions to advertise for the music scene as a whole), its purpose is not to make money for a select few, but to increase interest in attending local events, by making bands and music more visible; groups which have been working hard to make great music, awesome videos, who ultimately enhance the quality of life for their community which encourages young people to stay and live in New Haven instead of moving away to cities with more vibrant local culture.  So when someone asks, "Who is the Local #NhvScene?"  The answer is...