Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ben Saves Day for Veterinarians

Snowstorm Recap.  Ben Berkowitz, founder of acclaimed website SeeClickFix, essentially skipped the "Click" part and simply saw and then fixed a situation during the aftermath of the snowstorm on February 8, 2013.  The scenario?  A parking lot of veterinary clinicians was rendered immobile, due to one vehicle blocking the entrance of the driveway.  The SUV had become so completely stuck that no amount of pushing or shoveling would help, and none of the other cars could leave the lot.  (See vid).

Enter Ben.  With his son Oliver wrapped around him in what appeared to be some kind of cloth, he flagged down the first pickup truck he saw.  That truck happened not only to be already an acquaintance but also had a rope in the truck, particularly for the purpose of pulling out cars. (See vid).

Within moments, the red pickup truck had towed out the white SUV blocking the driveway, and all of the veterinarians were then able to return to the roads and get back to their homes.  Some of them had been stuck there since earlier the previous day.  (See vid).

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