Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fueling the Arts at a Local Coffeeshop.

Coffeeshops are known for their product, which is coffee.  It should also be noted that some coffeeshops also feature art.

This month at Fuel, check out the artwork on display.  It's actually pretty good.  They're painted window panes and snare drums.  Original ideas from one of the kids that work there.

He might even make you a latte.  Or watch your response as you examine each one above the people sitting at the tables below.  It's kind of a classic scene, when you think about it.  The fellow who made the paintings said that music is his main form of expression, and that painting was a second thought.  Not a bad second thought.   This is his first art showing.
Not bad, for a first show.

The artist's name is Alexander Burnet and he's a member of the band The Proud Flesh.  He's part of the Local Music Scene, as well as evidently the Art Scene.  He's also a Barista who reminds me of Rinsey.

Few could pick a better spot to drink their coffee than here on Wooster Street.  It's walking distance from the Saturday Farmers' Market, and it's a relatively quiet place to sit, drink coffee, have a conversation with an old friend, or make a new one.

Check out the local scene page for more information about the local music scene.