Thursday, September 13, 2012

Neat Features

The site receives no public funding at the moment, nor advertising either.  I build it in my spare time, when I'm not creating videos as a paylancer, which have aired on Good Morning Connecticut, for example.

I like it because it gives me a place for my thoughts, and I have to admit, I always wanted my own newspaper.  Over the years, it's been through a whole bunch of changes.  At one point it was even a choose your own adventure novel.   Later I devised a language to help others write things in the same format.

One thing that could be better is the interaction with the community, so I hope you'll fill out a form on the site and perhaps contribute your event to the calendars and use the site for what it was designed.

Another major facet of this site is that I produce an enormous amount of video for it.  This is all done on a camera that was rather inexpensive and outdated.  While it helps to put Nhv.Org on a resume when going for freelance work, I can't say it's had an immense impact on that part of my life just yet.  Actually The Grove was more helpful in finding that kind of work than this site has ever been.

This is actually only one project from about a dozen or more that I develop on a rotating basis.  It happens to be the one that I'm focused on the most at the moment, but that's because I want others to realize that it's a quality experience, as well as a good social experiment.  The goal is to capture life in a meaningful way, train others on how to use key pieces of technology like custom google maps, and link society across the boundaries of socioeconomic class and all the other things which divide us by sharing in the one thing we all have in common, which is the geographic region of this area.

Thanks and I hope you're entertained