Sunday, August 5, 2012

Simple Content Form

*You can always instantly add content by using Twitter Hashtag "#NHV"  (Why NHV?).
Any tweet using #Nhv should appear immediately on the left.  If it doesn't, plz report to @Support

Levels of Contribution
Must Be Local!  All photos and video must be created within the area of New Haven, CT.
  • Photography Adders
    Email photographs to or tweet @NhvOrg
  • Video Creators
    Email video embed codes or links to same email address, or tweet @NhvOrg
  • Article Writers
    If you'd like to write a short memo to the public, fill out the form below.
    For all other persons interested in contributing posts, click here
  • Events Promoters
    If you promote an event, you can add it to the calendar, which will automatically
    tweet #nhv once it's posted.  Time this to help you achieve success in greater
    attendance, using this timeline, which will help us all advance in awareness.