Thursday, August 9, 2012

What's Happening Downtown Today?

That new brick crosswalk on York and Chapel is not actually brick, but a special treatment to the regular pavement, where it's essentially cut and painted to look like brick.

The effect is the same, though:  clear cut walkways intended for pedestrians, which assists people walking as well as drivers, in terms of knowing where to expect someone to be trying to cross the street.

In this photograph, you can see the machine used to make those changes to the pavement.

Also on Chapel Street, they're adding a piece of public art in front of "Street Hall," across from Starbucks and the British Arts Museum.

Repair to the stone around Woolsey Hall is nearing completion, as well, with the scaffolding slowly being removed.  The dome is covered in lead, making it especially difficult to restore.  This year, that work was avoided; however the stone including the columns looks brand new again.