Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Doctor Prescribes You A Bike Ride.

Register to ride, sponsor, or volunteer in the bike race at BridgesMilford.Org

Professor of Psychiatry at Yale University, Dr. Michael Sernyak, has many good things to say about cycling.  "Right now I ride to keep my weight down," he speaks from personal experience.  But from a clinical perspective, he says, "Regular exercise helps treat moderate to mild depression and anxiety."

Terri Eblen, an employee at Bridges Milford, who sponsor the "Folks on Spokes" ride, which happens this year on September 16th, says that one of the reasons she rides her bike is because "It keeps me in touch with what it feels like to be a child."  She also says that riding helps her with diet flexibility.

Join Folks on Spokes this year for their 21st annual ride, and ride for mental health, both for yours and to benefit organizations which assist with the mental health of others.  (Video)

Bonus Question:
Why do you like to ride your bicycle?