Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Rooster

Fair Haven.  Adam W. awoke this morning and discovered that he had acquired a rooster overnight, who was in his backyard.  This may not come as such as surprise, because he has several hens and it's no surprise that the rooster thought it was an appropriate place to be.  But apparently some interactions with his neighbors made at seem as though the rooster wasn't the only one behind the decision to relocate.

At one point during the day, a group of kids from the neighborhood entered his garden, which borders a cemetery, and hopped into his backyard to reacquire the rooster.  Later in the day, a group of adults came and brought the rooster back to the yard, where it did not belong in the first place.

Adam, unphased, just kind of went with it.  He says that he welcomes all livestock into his backyard, and would like to see some ducks.  The rooster under his care won't be entered into any of the Ultimate Rooster Fighting Championships we deplore, and will be treated humanely under the care of Adam and the Atwater Resource Cooperative.