Monday, March 5, 2012

Where's Your Favorite Coffeeshop?

View Coffeeshops in #NHV in a larger map

The NHV has some of the highest density of coffeeshops per one mile radius.  I've put together a customized Google Map so that you can find your favorite one, based on their description.  

In addition to the business-related information, you also get a graphic image, showing their storefront, some ratings pertaining to different categories, as well as the name of the street they're on. 

Categories of information include Wifi, Busy, Line and Staff.  

Description of Categories

"WIFI" is obviously the rating of their wifi signal.  I should know this stuff, because I tried every single one of these shops.  "BUSY" is how often it is difficult to find a seat.  High ratings for "busy" mean that it is very tough to find a place.  "LINE" is how lengthy of a period of time before they take your order.  High ratings for "line" mean that it takes forever to get your drink, and either sit or go.  

Finally, "STAFF."  Now, that's a tough decision because I can't base the rankings on subjectivity of character.  This rating means basically how on point the people there work as a group.  I couldn't put all Four Star Sandwiches up on everyone, because then nobody would have anything to work for.  

If I was rated as staff, I'd get 2 stars myself for all the weird cupflips that I'd be doing, or the fact that I'd try to have a conversation with just about every single customer made me probably the most annoying and worst-dressed (I admired my shirt with the most stains on it) coffeeshop worker in all of history.  

Want to have a discussion about it?  This is an open thread.  All you need is to be signed into Gmail.

  • What's your favorite coffeeshop? 
  • Are any of the rankings off the mark?
  • Did I miss any shop completely?
  • What do you consider a coffeeshop?
Please comment below.