Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dinner With Space Pirate

Clearly a Lego Spaceman (possibly robot, probably not) with good taste.  Not a goose chase!

Caught up with SpacePirate the other day.  An elusive fellow.  Short, all dressed in black.  "From the front to the back," as he would say.  It's been said "SpacePirate don't play," although many might say that's all the guy does.  Messing around with beats, as well as beets, is what he does.

"Is there anything new under the sun?" you could ask, and he would respond that "under" is a relative term to a human being incapable of understanding the dynamic movements of the solar system.  He might even say that the earth is inside the solar system, thus in would be a better way to describe it.  Obsession with selection of prepositions is just one feature of the SpacePirate psychology.

That is what you will learn from having dinner.  You will also get a chance to learn how to make your own stopmotion movie.  That's why it's kind of expensive to hang out with the SpacePirate!  Not only will you have something to show for yourself, besides a veganly delicious meal.  You might even burn everything while trying to film it.  Hey, you never know.

More information about the one called SpacePirate will surely be revealed in upcoming weeks as the hits keep rolling out of the transmitter.  The official SpacePirate website is Http://spacepirate.co.uk and there's a soundcloud of his nonsense, floating around on "the High Seas of the Internet," as he would say.