Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Letter to Hulls for Donating 2 Light Tables to Co-op HS

Hey Shawn,

Would Hulls be interested in donating 2 light tables to Co-Op HS for an animation class that I'm teaching? In exchange, I'll put an animated graphic for Hulls on the front page of my website, NHV.Org and in addition to putting permanent labels on the items in the classroom, with your card adhered to the bottom.

That way if there's ever a problem, you'll have to saunter over to the art school and change the bulb. It will be a real process but maybe you can charge for the replacement bulbs and in no time, you'll be back up to breaking even again.

I'm volunteering my time to teach the class. I bought them 15 rhodias already, on a holiday gift card. I'll be in the shop at about 9:45/10am and once a day for the next thirty years. I hope you're feeling philanthropic today!


Reaction: Success!  In spite of my best efforts to spite myself on this one, Hulls generously supplied the class with a light table.  Hence the graphic on the homepage.  Great Stuff, HULLS!