Thursday, January 19, 2012

What Is The Opposite of Fast Food?

Michael Cook from Slow Food Shoreline spoke at Green Drinks last night.  Here's what he had to say:  

Slow food was started in Italy. It was actually a protest when McDonalds first moved into Rome.  They were passing out bowls of pasta and they were chanting "We want slow food, not fast food!"  It was really about keeping the tradition alive.  Once fast food and chain restaurants move into a community and people start to lose what's interesting about their food and culture.  

It's the idea of appreciating food.  Fast food, to some extent, is like checking a box.  It's the fast culture of "I need to eat, I don't care what it is, its impact on the environment or my body."  But slow food is about the lifestyle.  It's about slowing down and appreciating what you're eating.  It's about being thoughtful about where that food comes from, and what that food's effect is on the community and on the environment.  

A full version of his talk is at the top of this page.  Give it a listen!

Attend their next event on February 4th, the Slow Food Swap.  It's on a Saturday at Woodland Coffee and Tea, which is in Sherman Alley on Chapel Street.

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