Monday, February 15, 2016

From Project to Program: Musical Intervention (Video)

Proposed Location: 23 Temple. 
Musical Intervention, a proven program of social change through the arts, Adam Christoferson has a design for an idea that could potentially change peoples' lives, which could then have an affect on the downtown New Haven landscape. 

From their recent GoFundMe page: 

"Not only does Musical Intervention offer the opportunity to inspire it also helps to motivate our participants to improve their lives. This project, funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, the State of Connecticut, and the Arts Council of Greater New Haven, was the seed that planted this amazing mission to build the Musical Intervention headquarters in downtown New Haven."

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The Musical Intervention Headquarters will provide programs to various underserved populations such as:

At-Risk Youth
Substance Abuse
Developmentally Disabled

During the 2015 Inspired People of New Haven Project, Musical Intervention hosted open mics at the Sunrise Café "soup kitchen" to gather talented individuals. A group of ten people who named themselves the Ordinary Differences as well as the Liberty Singers was created. At the Holiday Showcase held at the end of December 2015, the participants performed in front of a live audience as we fed and clothed over 60 people.  

Our purpose is to help people write, record and perform original music. By doing this, it gives individuals a way to express themselves in ways that were unavailable to them before. By putting pen to paper, you allow someone the chance to sort through the things on their mind. Musical Intervention has found by this process, the end result is a inspired, more educated, and united community. 

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Not to mention, their recent GoFundMe page.